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Dubai Desert ride and Enduro desert riding

Explore the desert in Dubai on a desert ride. Experienced guys will teach and guide you through the desert of Dubai

Desert ride Dubai: With Mohammed Balooshi, Chris Moeckli, Mohammed Jaffar or an other MX-Academy coach you will have one of the best and most experienced desert rider as your tour guide. They will show you all tricks and secrets of the desert in Dubai. 

Dubai desert ride

For Enduro desert ride in Dubai you need to have dirtbike or enduro skills in sand. We suggest to spend first at least one or two days in our Motocross- school before you enter the desert. Basic Motocross riding technics and riding technic standing, in sand, can be learned quickly at the MX-Academy. It will guarantee you fun and a inrecdible experience in your desert ride in Dubai.

Desert ride in Dubai

Renting bike and gear for the desert ride in Dubai

You can rent a bike and a complete set of modern protecting gear for your desert ride. Visiting Motorcycle rental Dubai you can see all bike available.

Dubai desert drive

We will do even overnight trips and groups desert riding in Dubai, depending on the skills and body condition of the group it will take up to some hours until almost a full day or even a overnight trip. Once in Dubai a desert ride is a must do for all motorcylce fans!

You can see more informations about desert ride Dubai on our world wide website. If you have any questions about desert ride in Dubai just give us a call or write an Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - we are looking forward to explore the desert in Dubai with you!

Dubai desert drive at the MX-Academy

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